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Classic Salt & Pepper Beef-Plant-Based ME'EAT


Salt & Pepper Beef ready in just 7-10 minutes. Taste and ingredients you love. Chef Created! This shelf-stable pack includes 100% plant-based protein made from peas and veggies. Replacing 1 pound of ground beef, one pack has over 70 grams of protein, contains NO SOY, and makes about 8 servings. Our pea protein is sustainably USA-grown. Chef Ko’s special recipe ensures your Beef is perfectly pre-seasoned and full of flavor. An all in one protein solution! For an elevated experience, make your ground Classic Beef into a burger!

  • Shelf-stable item; ships regular ground shipping
  • Requires a 2-item minimum order

Pea protein, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, agar-agar, sea salt, apple and carrot juice (color), black pepper, thyme, oregano, sage, basil.

Soy free
Gluten free
Grain free
Nut free 
Clean plant-based protein 

Net Weight: 4.5 oz (128 g)
Servings: 8 per package; approx. 3 tablespoons (16 g) 

  1. Add 2 cups of water and 1-2 TBSP of olive oil or your preferred oil to a pan or pot and turn heat to high.
  2. Bring water to a boil.
  3. Add ME'EAT contents to boiling water and stir thoroughly.
  4. Reduce heat to Medium-Low.
  5. Let cook for 7-10 minutes or until water evaporates, stir occasionally.
  6. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 1-2 minutes. 
  7. Serve as ground beef or make into meatballs or burger patties.

To make our Classic Salt & Pepper burgers after you have completed the cooking instructions, take a ring mold or the lid of your largest jar. Place a small piece of cellophane over the ring mold. Grab two large spoonfuls of ME'EAT, about 1/4 pound per burger. Place ME'EAT on top of the cellophane. Fold the cellophane over the burger and remove the ring mold or lid. Smush the patty down and place in the refrigerator until firm. This should take between 15-30 minutes, or you can leave in the refrigerator overnight. Cook and eat within 7 days. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Katie Saxwold
Wat better than “store bought”

The taste and texture is great, and I love that rollin greens is natural and nutritious. definitely buying again & again!

Edward Pena
New Backpacking Staple

When I'm backpacking, I try to stay as light as possible (mainly to save weight for snacks, but that's another story) and this meat substitute is perfect. If you've ever had other dehydrated beef, it's often gravel-y tasting and good luck getting the water ratio correct. I picked RollinGreens up on a whim and it was game-changing. As a HEAVY meat eater, I can't really taste a difference and the flavor is excellent. It has opened up a new constellation of backpacking meals I thought I would never be able to enjoy. And you're local? Youve got a new loyal fan for life.

Deborah Calhoun
Good Product

I used this to make spaghetti. I added onion and some (not a lot) canned mushrooms to the ME'EAT near the end of the cooking time. Once cooked, it seemed to me to have a somewhat starchy taste/feel, which maybe was due to the mushrooms. However, the other family members didn't get that particular taste/feel and said it was really good. When the dish was complete with sauce and Parmesan, all was well. My favorite remains the taco ME'EAT. We love it and are on auto delivery.

Ruth Wilwerding
Very Good Classic Salt & Pepper Beef-Plant Based Me'eat!!

The Classic Salt & Pepper Beef-Plant Based Me'eat is so easy and quick to prepare. I served it with Tacos and the left over portion I served with a creamy cauliflower cheddar based soup. Just put the Me'eat in the soup and this added a very tasty addition to the soup.

Margaret Conrad
We love Me’EAT

Myself and my husband love all your products. We are very impressed as to the texture and taste likeness to real beef.

Plant Based

Nut Free

Gluten Free

Food Truck Favorite

Born in Boulder

Fully Cooked


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Our story began back in 1980, as Boulder, Colorado’s first organic food truck. Co-founder Ryan Cunningham’s parents took to the streets of Boulder to serve their delicious, wholesome meals.

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