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Plant-Based Bowls Bundle
Jennifer melberg
Surprisingly good!!

My family and I love these bowls! Quick and convenient with REAL ingredients!! A little green onion and siracha on top and oh man 🤤 We live busy lives toting our kids to all their sports events. These come in clutch every time!

Ground Taco
Amy Reynolds
Got My Taco Fix!

Being from Texas, we love our tacos. I am so happy I found this product, I’ve never had anything taste as good as Rollin’Greens Me’eat! I will definitely be purchasing it again and again.

Loved them all!

These bowls are perfect for our family on busy weeknights, and are so easy to make. They taste great and are fun to customize by simply adding our favorite toppings!


I found this at Walmart and it is so tasty! Walmart said to me they keep selling out. I love that I don’t have to use oil and it’s so easy to cook. It stays in my pantry until I’m ready to use it without spoiling. I love my tacos and I am glad I found this product!

New go to bowl

Quick, great tasting stir fry without the frying and all the dishes. I love the added plant protein in these bowls, which really sets them apart from other convenience meals as well. Yum!

M'EAT Mexican
Natalie B
Convenient and nutritious!

I love the RollinGreens Ground Taco Me'eat so this bowl is great with those same flavors, but more of a complete meal! So convenient when you just need a quick, easy, yummy meal - add avocado on top!

Vegan Chili done right

I'm not a huge fan of a lot of pre-made vegan chilis, but this one is a winner! It has very good flavors and is hearty enough to keep me full. Great with a baked potato as well.


This is my favorite of the bowls! I really love the ginger flavor. Great as a snack or small meal for busy days or camping too!

Tasty, quick and easy!

I Super simple to make and delicious.

Plant-Based Bowls Bundle
Sarah Robertson
They all tasted awful!

We couldn’t even finish them

Love the ground taco!

My family wouldn’t know the difference if I didn’t tell them! Great flavor ! Yummy tacos

Ron Bartels
Excellent flavor and taste

I was apprehensive - but you changed my mind! Excellent taste !!

CHIC'KEN Teriyaki
Liz Mandel
My Chic’ken Teriyaki dinner!

I stopped eating meat freshman year of college, so I love that I can make a delicious, nutritious and nourishing meal, with lots of protein in no time! I’m so thankful for Lindsey & Ryan & RollinGreens!


This is so amazing. The flavors are fantastic, and it's feels good! We absolutely love Rolling Greens.

Ground Taco
Liz Mandel
RollinGreens Tacos!

I love RollinGreens Tacos and have them for dinner at least twice a week! So easy and fast to prepare & very satisfying! Thank You RollinGreens!

Yummy Chic’ken teriyaki!

A bit messy in the microwave so recommend a paper towel underneath! Great flavor! Highly recommend.

CHIC'KEN Teriyaki
Nicole Miller
So good!

Even my four year old loves it :)

Taco meat

We liked the taco “meat” I had purchased a packet at a coop. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to your products where we live. I found your web site on the package and ordered a selection of different products. We have only tried the chicken fajitas and like them as well. I have found that the product is best after sitting overnight and really marinating. The left overs are better the next day. Can’t wait to try the other products.


Made Shepards Pie with it and it was easy.

Ground Taco
Sally Whittaker
Ground Taco for Everything

Love the ground taco—I use it on taco salads, spaghetti, sloppy joes, pizza—anything I can think of!!!


I just bought a bunch of the taco and salt and pepper packets. My question is what can I use in place of any oil to cook it with? I'm no oil, no sugar vegan and I'm trying to stick to that. I'm wondering if applesauce would work or just more water? I know in baking I can substitute applesauce for oil but I'm not sure about this product. Any suggestions??? Thank you 😊

Hi Sue. You can just skip the oil all together! We hope you enjoy!

Ground Taco
Carolyn Schwartz
Delectable vegan fajitas

My son loves the chicken and taco fajitas. Great texture and flavor.

My whole family loved the tots once offered. Hope you decide to make available once again.

Ground Taco
Amy Merritt
Great stuff!

This taco meat is well seasoned and could fool anyone with its beef like taste and texture.

No thanks

This is not "classic salt & pepper". The sage in it is very strong. You can't mix it with other things & it take ok. Ex: sloppy joe sauce or velveeta... it really just takes like Thanksgiving. It would probably be good in dressing or something. It was a total disappointment.

So good!

The texture is perfect. The flavor is great! I like it best next day. Perfect for tacos!