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I have been looking for a beef replacement for two years now. I have tried many recipes for burgers from beans mostly. Me’eat is my perfect replacement. Taste and texture is phenomenal! So much healthier with almost zero fat! I used for meatballs, burgers and taco/burritos. I no longer miss beef! Thank you Rollin Hills. I’m receiving nothing except great food for this review. Joan Bell

Just as good if not better than real meat.

One roommate is vegetarian and one is gluten free and this has made making meals so much easier. I no longer have to make separate pots of everything and everyone loves it, myself included!

No one will know your secret!

My husband never knew he wasn’t eating meat. It was a surprise when he happened to come into the kitchen just as I started the prep. We had been celebrating Taco Tuesday for weeks with this easy, fast, delicious me’eat.

Ground Taco
Nina Goldstein

I truly enjoyed the flavor and the texture. I reordered it!

Chopped Fajita
Vicki Neese



Great product. Not only does it taste good ( have tired Taco, Chicken have Classic but have not fixed yet) but also very convenient. Quick & Easy for those busy days! If your hesitate just buy one pack to try. Don't think you'll be disappointed.

Classic Salt & Pepper
sonie trotter
Salt and pepper

We enjoyed this product
Easy to use and tasted great

Kevin Kauffmann

I didn't get this order

Plant-Based ME'EAT
Debra Vigliotti
Taste is really good.

No meat once or twice a week tastes and feels good. Fun to use in new recipes.


It’s delicious and taste very much like ground beef. My son loves this as he does not eat meat.

Plant-Based ME'EAT
Judith Goforth
Great Find!

I ran across the Taco flavor in a grocery store and we loved it in my "Bell Pepper Casserole". I am working on eating healthier and due to past health issues, I need to limit my soy intake when I can. This product allows me to improve my diet, and is also vegan-friendly for family members to share.

Ground Taco
Bill G
just not right

I wanted to love this, as I want to transition off meat...
but could not eat it... either could other family members....
very hard to replicate meat.... maybe v2.0 will be improved...
I think its the texture....and the different taste is not right for us....

I wanted to love this....but...

just not palatable... I ordered 4 packs, could not finish any of them. Its tough to replace meat, even though I really want to so bad, for both ethical and health reasons. This wont work despite my initial excitment on Shark tank where I first saw it. Sorry....

Sloppy Joe's with Rollin Greens

Thank you for a great product and a great recipe. I loved the sloppy Joe's and also the burger made from this product.

Weight Watcher's

I love this chicken version on a baked potato topped with seasoned Fage Greek yogurt.

Please provide the Weight Watchers points!


This was the first time I ordered this product. It is so easy to prepare and tastes delicious. All of the products I have purchased are winners. I am recommending all of your delicious products!

Chopped Fajita
Joe Santomero

The Plant-based Chic'Ken - Chopped Fajita is another winner! I knew fight away that I will be ordering more in the future.keep up the good work!

Excellent product!

I enjoy your products. I have shared them with family and even mentioned to friends about how easy to make and tastes great! Thanks for a great product!!!

Ground Taco
Donna Robinson
Unbelievably good

First product I tried. Absolutely amazing! Love it!! I can't wait to make the other ones.

Ground Taco
Kay Hanis
A little spicy

The ground Taco was good. A little spicy so I mixed a can of beans into it and used it in my tacos.

Flavorful tacos

Easy to make, great texture, wonderful ingredients, delicious flavor

Chopped Fajita
Gloria L

Love this! Very easy to prepare, and very tasty. I totally recommend it!

Ground Taco
Gloria L

The ground taco is good, but the chicken and the salt and pepper are better

Ground Taco
Theresa Militello
We love these

This, by far, is the best plant based ground taco. We have these quite often and honestly you cannot taste the difference, it tastes just like ground beef.

Ground Taco
Great stuff

When I first saw this product on the shelf at our Supermarket I picked up two packages to try and if we liked it well enough it would be great for my husband to take on his camping trips and not have to worry about meat going bad on him, and to our surprise it was great and will go in his camping gear. We liked it so much that I now keep 3 or 4 packages on hand all the time. I invited a couple of friends over for a chili dinner one night and used the Ground Taco instead of ground beef and didn't say anything until after the meal was done then asked how the liked the chili then showed them the package and they couldn't believe it wasn't ground beef. As I said we absolutely love this stuff however to my surprise tonight when we decided to make tacos and when I emptied the package into the boiling water and instead of everything smelling like Taco Seasonings it was very blan and pale in color luckily I always have a packet or two of Taco Seasoning in my pantry, it still wasn't the same taste we are use to but we made it due.