Men’s Health Month

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Men’s Health Month


Nothing beats relaxing in the sun, taking road trips, or just plain chilling out. While summer is definitely the best time to get your relaxation on, it’s also a great time for our male friends to make sure they’re up to date with their health, seeing doctors regularly, and properly educating themselves on Men’s health. That’s right-June is men’s health month!  Men’s Health Month was created by a Congressional health Education Program to promote awareness of health complications men can face, prevention for those complications, education, and of course, family! The goal of Men’s Health Month is to remind men to make sure they’re as healthy as they can be by practicing healthy habits like frequent check-ups, exercise, and education on health complications men are more susceptible so they can be prevented early on.

Men’s Health Month was started in 1994 when Senator Bob Dole successfully passed the bill making June dedicated to Men’s health. Since then, Men’s Health Month has become successful in striving to keep men healthy, happy, and living to their full potential.

Whether you’re searching for men’s health tips yourself or searching for a loved one, look no further!  We’ve put together a list of ways you can make sure the men in your life are the healthiest they can be, from exercise, lifestyle, and of course, we can’t write a blog without FOOD!

  1. Routine Check-ups-This might go without saying, but we’re still going to say it.  Even if you feel and look healthy, it’s always best to not skip that annual doctor’s appointment to prevent issues down the road.
  2. Know your family history and make sure your doctor does too-being knowledgeable of health issues that have been in your family can be a key factor in preventative health. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to memorize your entire family’s medical history, but it’s important to know what you could be predisposed to so you can take proper action before anything progresses.
  3. Don’t forget about your head and your heart-Physical health as we know is so incredibly important, but mental health is just as important and should be checked in on, and maintained just like physical health! The stigma behind men not showing or having emotions or “men don’t cry” is just preposterous, outdated and completely false.
  4. Quit the Tobacco-We all know Tobacco and nicotine aren’t good for our health, but there are certain health complications men are at higher risk for than women regarding tobacco consumption. According to the FDA, men overwhelmingly use cigars more than women do, “with 6.8 percent of U.S. adult males reporting current use (defined of at least one day in the last 30 days) of cigars in 2017.  In contrast, only 1 percent of women were current cigar users.”(FDA). Additionally, tobacco usage can lead to fertility complications in men, “Men who smoke may be at risk of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, because smoking can damage the DNA in sperm, it may lead to an increased risk of infertility.”(Men’s Health)
  5. Exercise-Something we all should probably get more of, exercise is a vital component to optimal physical and mental health. It’s no secret that as we get older, our bodies endure more wear and tear, especially in the age of smartphones and work environments where most of the day is spent at a desk looking at a computer, your posture is probably being compromised which could lead to chronic pain and a plethora of other uncomfortable symptoms. Foundation Training is an organization that aims to end the chronic pain caused by our everyday 21st century regimes that we can’t seem to escape through stretches, functional movement exercises and different workout routines (depending on the kind of pain that’s affecting you) to realign your muscles back to the way they should be! Founder, Dr. Eric Goodman was in his last year of chiropractic school when the doctors told him the only solution to his back pain was surgery.  Determined to find a less invasive cure, he explored different functional movement exercises. After he discovered the wonders functional movement exercises can do for chronic pain, he decided to dedicate his life to helping others cure their chronic pain through Foundation Training. Check out this plug of our friend Eric Goodman and Foundation Training from one of his clients, Jeff Bridges.

On that note, exercise doesn’t have to mean training for a marathon or spending hours in the gym every single day, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 of moderate aerobic activities, or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. Going on walks, helping in the garden, or doing chores around the house are great ways to stay active and get those steps in!

You might be wondering what the timeline for some of these routine check ups and doctor visits are, it’s important to know how often you should be seeing which doctor. Thanks to the wonderful St. Lukes Hospital, we have acquired a list of how often you should be seeing certain types of doctors.


Did you think we forgot to mention our favorite topic of all time?  Well, think again. Everyone knows that we can’t have a blog post without talking about food-so we’ve dedicated an entire section to just that!  Here’s a list of the best of some of the best foods Men can eat to make sure their bodies are the happiest and healthiest they can be!

The Best Food to Eat for Optimal Men’s Health

1)Cherries-Who doesn’t love cherries!?  They’re sweet with a hint of tart and absolutely delicious.  Anthocyanins, the anti-inflammatory chemical in cherries can protect against  gout-a form of arthritis that affects men more than women, “One major study showed if you’ve suffered from a gout flare-up in the past, chances of future flare-ups are reduced by half by eating 10 cherries a day.” (Davis).

2)Shellfish-Shrimp and lobster lovers unite!  Shellfish is not only a great source of low-calorie protein, but shellfish offers about 445% of your recommended daily value of zinc in only three ounces!  Zinc is an especially important competent in men’s health, “Zinc is required to produce sperm, and it seems to drive up testosterone levels as well. It also helps your prostate, where zinc is found in greater amounts than anywhere else in the body except bone.” (Davis).  If you’re really trying to get the most zinc from your shellfish, Oysters contain the most zinc of any shellfish with 74 milligrams of zinc per 3 ounces. Time to get crackin’!

3)Spinach and Other Leafy Greens-It’s probably not surprise that spinach and its leafy green cousins made this list.  Maybe it’s their dark green composure that makes something in our brain click that they’re just so good for us. Spinach is high in magnesium and folate.  Magnesium and folate help dilate blood vessels, thus improving blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Folate is especially helpful in lowering levels of homocysteine-a harmful substance that irritates the arteries and attracts plaque to stick to them.  A recent study shows, “of 46,000 men, Harvard University researchers found that those who consumed the most folate daily were 30 percent less likely to develop PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) than men who ate the fewest folate-rich foods.” (Men’s Health).

 4)Brazil Nuts

Although Brazil nuts don’t get the same attention and praise almonds or cashews get, they have so many undeniable health benefits, especially when it comes to men’s health!  Brazil nuts contain a large amount of selenium. Selenium not only boosts your metabolism but is necessary for male fertility, so if you’re thinking of having a little one of your own you might want to start adding these crunchy, hardy nuts to your diet!

5)Tomatoes- Do you love pizza?  Are you a pasta eater or simply enjoy a fresh tomato on your sandwich? Well, good news because tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is known to prevent certain types of cancer, “Although the research is inconsistent, some studies have found that frequent tomato sauce eaters have a lower risk of prostate cancer.” (Davis).

6)Whole Grains Rich in Fiber-Whole grains and fiber are definitely something know we should be eating, but to our surprise, American men aren’t getting nearly enough, “The U.S. National Academy of Medicine recommends that guys between the ages of 14 and 50 eat 38 grams of fiber a day. But the average American only eats about 15 grams.”  Fiber from whole grains is what you should be aiming for when trying to get your whole grains and fiber in, “Fiber from whole grains are also very filling, and so it may help curb overeating and combat obesity”. Whole grains rich in fiber include whole wheat pasta or bread, millet, steel cut oats, and brown rice.


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