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Food Truck Spotlight: Best On-the-go Eats Across the Country

  • Chelsea Jones
Food Truck Spotlight: Best On-the-go Eats Across the Country

Food Truck Spotlight: Best On-the-go Eats Across the Country

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to take a moment to remember where we came from. While many businesses have had to put life on hold during this time, it’s important now more than ever to support your favorite local spots! 

If you’re not familiar with our story, RollinGreens started as Boulder’s first-ever organic food truck in 1980. The family business was revitalized in 2000 and served as a farmer’s market staple, as well as a successful catering service. We value community more than anything – our food was locally sourced and our farmers became our friends. This community eventually enabled us to launch our product line in 2015!

In an effort to support small, local businesses across the country, we’re highlighting some of our favorite farm-to-table food trucks nationwide. There will be a time in the near future when these businesses can re-open their doors; if they’re in your area, check them out and support them however you can! In this time of social isolation we’re reminded that a strong sense of community is the glue that holds us all together.

Farm and Smoke / Boulder, CO

Farm and Smoke aims to provide higher quality mobile fare, which they execute perfectly! You’ll enjoy savory, modern and comforting dishes that are finely crafted using hand-picked ingredients. A must-try!

The Farmer in the Hive / Denver, CO

The Farmer in the Hive features artisan street cuisine and sources the freshest meats and produce from local farmers. You’ll love their diverse menu of gourmet eats in a casual setting. Similar to RollinGreens, their concept came together from a mutual love of food and travel! 

Ranch Hand / Austin, TX

Ranch Hand is a healthy concept food truck that focuses on locally sourced protein. They partner with local ranchers who pasture-raise happy and healthy animals. Paired with the freshest produce, they’re known for their flavorful and nutritious protein bowls.

Low-Co Motion / Atlanta, GA

Short for “low country,” Low-Co Motion highlights southern flavors and southern ingredients. They believe in scratch-made fresh food that’s traceable to its roots. You’ll love their combination of barbequed meats, fresh vegetables and Southern comfort food!

The Go Go Truck / San Diego

The Go Go Truck combines a love of food and travel with a unique fusion of flavors for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find anything from fresh salads to hearty steak sandwiches; the Hoisin Pulled Pork Sandwich comes highly recommended! They focus on bringing locally sourced, sustainable food to people on the go.

The Green Truck / Los Angeles

The Green truck is committed to sustainability and supporting small, local organic farmers. Their commissary kitchen is solar powered and they even re-use cooking oil to power their trucks! You’ll appreciate their compostable packaging and utensils as much as their colorful, veggie-powered bowls.

The Cinnamon Snail / NYC

The critically acclaimed Cinnamon Snail features vegan, kosher food in the form of bold, whimsical creations. Unique burgers, burritos and pancakes integrate Asian flavors and fresh, local produce at its finest. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

Tremayne the Chameleon / DC

Featuring a shifting menu that changes seasonally, Tremayne the Chameleon is a non-traditional food truck with a colorful menu. You’ll find soups, sandwiches, specialty items and artisan drinks that highlight local flavors. They even have a special late night menu for your after-hours cravings!

While many restaurants and food trucks are offering to-go menus, and even contactless pick-up options, in light of COVID-19, you don’t have to leave your home to offer your support. Consider donating to employee relief funds or buying gift cards to your favorite spots to help them out through this tough time. Know that as much as we miss going out to eat, they equally look forward to serving you soon!

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