Millet Tot croutons are a great alternative for gluten. Texture is key when using substitute items such as these tots. Millet Tots are convenient, flavorful and easy to serve warm.”
-Master Chef David Burke
“I so strongly believe in supporting local business and truly, your Millet Tots are phenomenal. I will recommend your products to my health coaching clients and know they will be thrilled.I just tasted the Sweet Potato and Poblano Chili Tots and they are incredibly delicious! I can see my freezer quickly filling up with your delicious products.”

“I wanted to thank you for making this millet tot product. It makes me want to cry. I’ve been suffering for 5 years with a horrible intestinal disease. The only grains I’m allowed are buckwheat, quinoa and millet. It has been so hard eating the same things over and over. Your Millet Tots have changed my life. They are so tasty it feels like I’m cheating on my health plan. Sending you 1000 hugs.
Thank you so much for providing me a little light.”

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your awesome Millet Tots. I have celiac and also have a hard time with corn and potatoes. I thought my food future was dismal, but I have to say your product will forever be a staple in my home. I also love how convenient it is to find.”

“I appreciate that I am able to eat your Millet Tots, and that they are so delicious (original w/no garlic) as my diet is currently somewhat limited.
I always recommend them highly to my friends as well.”

“I’ve had them from the truck and fell in love! I was so excited to see them in stores.”

“I was in Whole Foods, rushing around and a gentleman offered me a spot in front of him at checkout. Then he gifted me a box of tots. It made my day that someone was so kind and generous. We were scrounging around for something in the freezer the other today, and behold, the tots. They were delicious. I will purchase more.”

“Oh, wow! Brilliant! Just found out about the Millet Tots at the store today. I am basking in them as I write.”

“The tots were a big hit with my roommates. Not only are the tots tasty, our conversation gave me hope.”

“I saw you at Alfalfa’s selling your Millet Tots. My two year old son devoured them for dinner! They were easy to prepare, delicious and I feel good about serving them. RollinGreens Millet Tots will now be on our weekly shopping list. Thanks so much.”

“I have to admit I am very addicted to those tots! It is my new go to food when I want a snack or something light, not to mention having it as a side to an entree.
I have gone through so many boxes already. Thank you for producing these. We love them!”

“My husband and I are huge fans of your Millet Tots. We buy 2 boxes at a time so we always have some in the freezer.”