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RollinGreens Tots to be sold in Target stores

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Celebrity Master Chef David Burke Raves About Millet Tots by RollinGreens

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Capital raise helps Rollin Greens give American Comfort Foods & the freezer isle a ‘healthy twist’

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Distribution Roundup: Rollingreens Takes Millet Tots Nationwide

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Rollingreens Takes Millet Tots Nationwide, looks to raise $500K in capital

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Beyond bugs: 12 unique (and strange) ingredients at Mom’s Organic Market and what to do with them

MAY 16, 2018 — 5:00 AM EDT



“Entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing,” says Lindsey Cunningham, Co-Founder of RollinGreens, along with her husband and Co-Founder Ryan Cunningham, aka Chef Ko. RollinGreens is steeped in Boulder history. Started as a the first organic, local food truck in Boulder in 1980 by Ryan’s parents, it was reborn by Lindsey and Ryan in 2011. After operating the food truck for five years they wanted to create more scalability. In 2015…


From Father to Son, Rollingreens Continues Serving Colorado Healthy Snacks

 | FEBRUARY 26, 2018 | 9:59AM

Whole Foods alters its local product program in Boulder, nationwide

Natural food companies fear changes, but say other grocers stepping up

By Shay Castle – Staff writer

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A New Kind of Tot

RollinGreens Millet Tots are gluten-free non-potato bites made with organic millet. These grain-based, vegan morsels are tasty enjoyed plain or with a dipping sauce. They’re available in three flavors—Original, Italian Herb and Spicy Sweet. Find them in the freezer aisle of nationwide natural stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods and Natural Grocers.

Special Report: Gluten-free enters the mainstream. July 17, 2017 - by Donna Berry

Functional and free-from options

New Millet Tots from RollingGreens Food, Boulder, Colo., are a whole grain alternative to tater tots, which are traditionally potato based, and depending on the other added ingredients, may or may not be gluten-free. The frozen bite-size tots come in Italian herb, original and spicy sweet varieties. One serving is about 10 of the vegan, non-G.M.O. tots and provides 1 to 2 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein, nutrients typically unavailable in the traditional potato version.

CULINOLOGY MAGAZINE: Rising stars among ancient grains. Millet and farro take off in menu and product applications

From the NEW HOPE NETWORK news: Jenna Blumenfeld, Deanna Pogorelc, Denver Lewis | Jun 19, 2017

Natural products brands respond to the Amazon-Whole Foods deal

CEOs and co-founders of pioneering natural brands weigh in on Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market. Aside from the inauguration of our new president, the biggest news of 2017 so far has been Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. After we got over the initial shock on Friday, we were left with questions. What does this mean for the future of retail? Will Amazon uphold Whole Foods Market’s vision for sustainability and ingredient integrity?

RollinGreens - by Eric Peterson

Co-founders Lindsey and Ryan “Chef Ko” Cunningham have reinvented the tater tot with one of Colorado’s signature crops.

Launched by Ryan’s parents, RollinGreens took to the streets as Boulder’s first organic food truck in 1980. That incarnation of the company lasted just a few years, then Ryan and Lindsey relaunched the concept with a new truck in 2011. Ryan’s background as an executive chef led him to experiment with healthy ingredients…

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Lindsey Cunningham is a CU alum and the co-founder of Rollingreens along with husband Ryan Cunningham, a company that aims to elevate the frozen food category. Rollingreens was founded in 1980 when Ryan’s parents began a local and organic food truck business. After having kids they retired the business, with Ryan and Lindsey picking it back up in Boulder, Colorado in 2011…. - Grab These 5 Weird Food Products Now!

Ok, so the name isn’t nearly as catchy as tater tots, but this modern-day version of the typically deep-fried and often additive-laced snack replaces grated potatoes with organic millet, an ancient whole grain…

Boulder's RollinGreens expands distribution to King Soopers, City Market

Boulder-based RollinGreens, a natural frozen food company that was once a popular food truck, has added 159 stores to distribution of its flagship product, millet tots.

The ancient grain version of tater tots is now available in 278 stores, including every King Soopers and City Market in Colorado, as well as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Lucky’s and Alfalfa’s throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

RollinGreens' millet tots roll out in Colorado's Sprouts markets

RollinGreens, the former iconic food truck company that has shifted into natural frozen foods, announced that it will be offering its crispy frozen millet tots in all Colorado Sprouts Farmers markets.

The snacks are already offered in Lucky’s Market, Alfalfa’s Market, Whole Foods and other independent grocers.

“Expanding our distribution into Sprouts is allowing us to grow steadily in our home state. Leaving the food truck industry was very risky for us, but to see that the community is enjoying and buying our product, is the validation we need to continue to grow,” says Lindsey Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of RollinGreens in a statement. “We look forward to expanding our distribution further, and debuting new flavors in September.”

Boulder-based RollinGreens inks deal with Sprouts

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BOULDER — RollinGreens, formally a mobile food truck and catering service, has signed a deal to distribute its line of Millet Tots — a frozen, organic tater tots — in Sprouts Markets in Colorado.

Millet Tater Tots – Recipes to Enjoy all Day

POSTED 2:21 PM, APRIL 19, 2016, BY , UPDATED AT 05:18PM, APRIL 19, 2016

A Tater Tot Makeover? Yes, Indeed

Boulder-based RollinGreens has rethought—and gone big—with the tot.

MARCH 1 2016, 11:00 AM

5 Questions with RollinGreens - Daily Camera

Historic Boulder food truck leaves its mobile life behind as it embraces packaged foods

By Wyatt Carlson – Special to the Daily Camera

RollinGreens On The News!


Unique 2 Colorado

Boulder's RollinGreens launches first packaged product Millet Tots

RollinGreens, a Boulder-based food truck operator, has branched out into the packaged foods business and launched its first product, Millet Tots.

Millet Tots, a whole grain take on tater tots, are expected to debut in the frozen food aisles of local Whole Foods, Alfalfa’s Market, Lucky’s Market and Natural Grocers By Vitamin Cottage stores.

GREENS02.JPG GREENS Lindsey Mandel and Ryan Cunningham prepare lunches in the Rollin' Greens food truck on Wednesday afternoon. For a video about the truck, see by Marty Caivano/July 13, 2011

RollinGreens' resurgence: Food truck launched in homage of 1980s Boulder food wagon

In 1980, the Cunningham family moved from Minneapolis to Boulder because the Colorado city seemed the ideal locale for their business: a hot-foods wagon serving up natural fare.

Rollin' Greens Food Truck

The owners of RollinGreens talk about the truck’s 30 year history as well as its current reincarnation.

Truck Stop: RollinGreens

The RollinGreens truck has a blackboard on which customers can see what local farms the food came from that day.

Episode 1: Rollin Greens - the beginning.

Meet Lindsey and Ko.

GREENS02.JPG GREENS Lindsey Mandel and Ryan Cunningham prepare lunches in the Rollin' Greens food truck on Wednesday afternoon. For a video about the truck, see by Marty Caivano/July 13, 2011

Meals on wheels: Boulder's food trucks navigate new rules, more competition

A year ago, the food truck scene that continues to gain steam in markets across the United States was just budding in Boulder.

The greens are rolling to the rescue

“Oh no! Did I really just leave my lunch on the counter again? Now my delicious leftovers from dinner are going to go to waste. The last thing I want is a dingy salad or greasy burger from a fast food joint…”

Gabe Taube from Kansas City, MO., enjoys the slice of pizza at Civic Center Park in Denver, Colo., on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. DenverÕs Civic Center Eats, an annual summertime outdoor-cafŽ program at downtownÕs Civic Center Park, returned. The cafes will run every Tuesday and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. though Sept 27. Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post

Food trucks return for Civic Center EATS

Ryan Cunningham and girlfriend Lindsey Mandel occasionally mused on starting up a restaurant.

Rolling Greens Food Truck001.JPG Tendril employee Ivo Steklac, front, carries a hamburger and fries after ordering food on his lunch break on Thursday, March 8, while eating at the RollinGreens food truck in the parking lot near 2560 55th Street in Boulder. For a more photos and a video about food truck operation in the Boulder area go to Jeremy Papasso/ Camera

Food truck owners press Boulder to loosen regulations

RollinGreens owner: Rules make it ‘impossible to do business in Boulder’

Best of Boulder 2012: Food

American food encompasses everything from burgers and pizza to pulled pork sandwiches and more elevated fare such as grilled Florida shrimp.

Where Gourmet Meets the Street

Meals (and desserts) on wheels? I’m all over it.

With the recent approval and “green light” for allowing food trucks in Boulder, there has been a surge of unique and delicious food trucks hitting the streets in Boulder.

One of the newer trucks to hit the streets in Boulder is Rollin Greens, a healthy spin on street food with their organic and healthy food.

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