Our Local Hemp

Rollingreens is committed to serving up the most delicious, healthful comfort foods that protect your body as well as Mother Earth!  This means choosing ingredients from local farmers and organizations here in Colorado where we know exactly how the ingredients are grown, harvested, and then transported.  

We are also deeply committed to transparency with our customers!  This means no secrets, hidden loupes or gimmicks, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since we know exactly where our ingredients are coming from and the amazing farmers making it all possible, we are proud and excited to share with our customers all the details of the ingredients that make our products so irresistible, big and small!

Colorado Cultivars

It is no secret that Coloradans were some of the first people to take advantage of hemp, one of the fastest growing superfoods, so it’s no wonder we partner with one of Colorado’s largest and most sustainable growers of industrial hemp.  Colorado Cultivars currently has about 4,500 acres of land under cultivation, (double the amount they had last year) producing a variety of hemp products from seeds, oils, hemp hurd, and even protein powders! Colorado Cultivars is an organic farming cooperative, meaning there’s no big CEO taking all the revenue at the top, instead they incentivize significantly larger pay farmers to grow hemp rather than corn or wheat.  These farmers usually end up making about 4-5 times more money than they would be growing other conventional produce. They teach the farmers everything they need to know about growing, extracting and harvesting, putting the money back where it should go… to the farmers!


Like we said a million times and will continue to say-nothing excites us more than being able to utilize locally sourced products!  Supporting the local economy and lessening our carbon footprint are just added bonuses when the product we get in return is a product as phenomenal as Evo Hemp!  Evo Hemp produces a number of hemp products including tinctures, gels, seeds, oils, and bars. Like Colorado Cultivars, Evo is on a mission to make this superfood beneficial to everyone.  Evo is committed to not only making hemp products accessible and more affordable but making the practice of farming and harvesting hemp one that is beneficial to underserved communities. In 2018, Evo Hemp took initiative and partnered with Alex White Plume, an activist from the Lakota Tribe to help bring economic prosperity to Pine Ridge Reservation.   Pine Ridge is one of the poorest communities in America with about 90% of the residents living below the federal poverty level. This leaves Pine Ridge with a plethora of problems including substance abuse, alcoholism, and high crime rates. By Evo contracting land with the residents of Pine Ridge, it puts the revenue directly into revitalizing the community. 

Shortly after this initiative was taken, the White Plume Hemp line, a special strain of hemp, was released and made up about 25% of Evos profit. Currently, Evo has about 10 acres of land contracted with the Pine Ridge community, they hope to continue to expand their partnerships with them and continue to make hemp something everyone can benefit from.