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Millet Tot Pita with Kite Hill Tzatziki


**Not a Gluten Free Recipe

– Makes One Pita

    • 5-7 Italian Herb Millet Tots
    • Kite Hill Plain Yogurt
    • 1-Pita
    • 5-Cherry Tomatoes
    • ¼ Cucumber
    • 2-Leafs Romaine
    • 1-Clove Garlic
    • Sliver of Lemon


Bake Italian Herb Millet Tots at 375 for about 15 minutes. While the Tots are cooking, prepare lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Cut more cucumber to use in the tzatziki, along with one small clove of garlic, and juice of a slice of lemon. Add Cucumber, Kite Hill Plain Yogurt, Lemon juice to blender, and then blend. Once the Tots are finished, warm the Pita for easy cutting. Assemble pita with sauce on side or drizzled on top.


–Chef Ko