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RollinGreens Taco Pack on Progressive Grocer

A creator of chef-designed plant-based foods designed for socially conscious consumers, one-time “Shark Tank” contestant and food truck business RollinGreens has launched a shelf-stable Taco Pack made with a plant-based ground meat alternative. The item features a proprietary blend of just 10 simple ingredients, including soy-free, low-glycemic protein sourced from peas 100% grown in the United States. One pack replaces 1 pound of beef, which, the brand notes, saves roughly 4 million gallons of water for each ton of beef not produced. What’s more, the taco pack contains more than 60 grams of protein and is virtually indistinguishable in taste and texture from genuine beef, according to RollinGreens.  A 4.5-ounce pack retails for a suggested $9.99.

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