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From New Hope Network: 3 ways to use unique sampling methods Kicking up your business game in creative ways can reap big rewards.

When RollinGreens co-founders Lindsey and Ryan “Chef Ko” Cunningham wanted to launch their business they took out a $25,000 loan to customize a food truck. Less than two months later it was operational and on the road.

For five and a half years, the food truck was a RollinGreens staple that helped grow a brand that has become synonymous with its Ancient Grain Millet Tots.

“We were constantly booked, we worked seven days a week, 100 hours a week,” says Lindsey Cunningham whose company launched its packaged product line in 2015 and had the food truck as a farmers market staple in Boulder, Colorado. “We were able to get face-to-face with our customers and got feedback on a daily basis. It was such a unique approach to launch food into the marketplace.”

Here are a few other ways to offer unique sampling methods from natural food business owners who know.

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