Meet Chef Ryan “Ko” Cunningham and Lindsey Cunningham Founders of Rollingreens

Ryan Cunningham aka Chef Ko

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado in a foodie family, cooking became second nature to Ryan Cunningham, also known as Chef Ko. Chef Ko began his college years studying Architecture in both Santa Barbara and later in Boulder, Colorado. While living in Santa Barbara he served as a personal chef for ten years, and worked at one of L.A’s top 100 restaurants. He then attended his family’s School of Natural Cookery, where he further developed his love for food, culinary training, unique cooking methods and technique. Shortly after, Lindsey and Chef Ko began RollinGreens Food Truck.

Meet Lindsey Cunningham

Lindsey Cunningham grew up in Boulder, Colorado in an entrepreneurial family. She began her college career in Santa Barbara, then later finishing up at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studied Journalism, Broadcast News. She then went on to do public relations, film and marketing for local companies such as Noodles & Company. She too shares Chef Ko’s love of food and innovation.

This dynamic duo, make for an unbeatable team.